Yoga activities in Mallorca


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In your holidays in the island of Mallorca you can find numerous adventures, sports and activities with which you can spend a stay that you will love, both you and your family. And today we are going to propose an activity that will nourish both the body and the mind.

In Mallorca there are numerous places where you can go to spend the day, practicing yoga in an environment that will fill you with love and inspiration. From the Paseo de Mallorca you can go by foot to more than a wonderful yoga center, but you also have at your disposal yoga centers in the middle of nature, which you will never forget.

Mysore Mallorca

In this yoga school, which you can reach after a pleasant walk, you have ashtanga vinyasa workshops, and other specialties with which you will enjoy the practice of yoga. No matter your level or your skill, here you will find courses and workshops appropriate to your level and a pleasant environment full of people with whom to share the love for such a powerful specialty.

Ashtanga Yoga is practiced in 8 steps. It consists of a rigorous style of yoga that follows a series of specific postures in a certain order. The Mysore style, faithful to the name of the center, is characterized by being formed by non-guided classes.  This allows the student to practice on their own under the supervision of a teacher who will give approval to the positions and will adjust what they need, adding more postures to the practice wether the student is more prepared or not. It is important for you to be patient and careful with your body since it is a very physically and mentally demanding practice.

International Yoga School

But if your goal is to train as a yoga teacher, at the International Yoga School you have the specialized training you need. The different levels of Yoga Instructor await you in this center of Calle Joan Massanet i Moragues number 3, in Palma.

And since the courses of its Training Program, homologated by the International Regulations on the Training of Yoga Instructors, have a duration of 500 hours, divided into three levels of study, you can organize your stay from the Hotel Palladium Palma, and leave  the island with the certification you have always wanted to have.

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