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Today we present you the Lonja de Palma, a mercantile building built in Gothic style, which belongs to the first half of the 15th century, and is the work of the most important architect-sculptor of Mallorca, Guillem Sagrera.

It is an ideal place to stroll on one of those bright winter days that Palma offers us, a very suitable plan for sightseeing in Palma de Mallorca.

An architecture that is worth observing

The building, as we said, is Gothic, of Burgundian influence, characteristic style of the architect Sagrera. It is worth highlighting the architectural design of a rectangular hall with two entrances, divided internally into three naves and twelve sections by six slender helical columns, and covered with ribbed vaults. One of the constructive originalities of the building is in the unloading of the ribs of the vaults that fuse with the columns at different heights and in the sides they are embedded in the walls.

The exterior is characterized by the four octagonal towers of angle and other ten smaller ones that act as buttresses, for the decoration of its windows and for the richness of the sculptural elements. Among these sculptural groups, the figures of the eardrums of the portals stand out, on the major, the Angel of Merchandise and on the portal of the garden, the Virgin and Child. In the angular towers there are sculptures of Santa Clara, Santa Catalina, San Juan Bautista and San Nicolás (now defunct). They also highlight the many sculpted angels, which we see in the windows and vaulting keys.

The interior is open to the public whenever there are temporary exhibitions.

A zone of Palma full of life

While this area, around the historic center of Palma, represents the heart of the nightlife, Calle Apuntadores is its main artery. As soon as you enter this narrow street, you will be a little overwhelmed by the large number of shops that try to get your attention. Once there, it is not a bad idea to turn left and go to the Jazz Club on Calle San Juan, where you can see many places to eat, however, if you continue through Apuntadores you will reach Ribello, a well-known Italian restaurant in this place.

Your hotel in Palma, the Hotel Palladium Palma, is not far from the city center. Walking through this city is comforting, because you go through it in a short time, always enjoying a pleasant atmosphere, and interesting places to visit. The Paseo del Borne, the Port of Palma, the old town, or the Cathedral of Palma, are other examples that you could include in your visit. Ask us any questions, we will be happy to assist you.

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