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Mallorca is an island for everybody. If you are young and you want to spend the hollidays at the best parties, then you are in the right place. If you go with the family, here you’ll find lots of child friendly beaches. For couples and food lovers, a lot of lovely restaurants will be happy to receive you. If you were attracted by the multitude of activities available here, there’re lot of opportunities you can choose from – hiking, cycling and of course all the things in water sports that will make your holiday amazing and unforgetable.

We can say that here, in this precious isle, the people and the nature lives side by side harmoniously and responsibly. Virgin beaches, natural reserves, archeology and endless possibilities for fun are only four reasons why Mallorca is a mediterranean paradise. Mallorca is the perfect destination in the summertime, especially for the longer days because it gives you enough time to discover new beaches, restaurants, caves, hills and so much more.

And as a good example, ladies and gentlemen, I present you the unique Cala.

Cala d’Or is one of the first coastal tourist resorts in Mallorca, appeared in the 30s of the twentieth century on a short distance from the capital Palma de Mallorca, thanks to the natural beauty of the beaches and bays, now in our days it has become a cosmopolitan enclave, because more than three thousand inhabitants are coming from various regions of Spain, from all around Europe and in addition, from all the continents.

Today you will find it as a modern resort, built and developed from an original fishing village. The resort has now spread over nearly 4 kilometres of small nearby sandy coves and still has the feeling of a small village, steered away from high-rise developments. The town centre has a varied selection of shops, bars and restaurants, perfect for those who are looking for a quieter holiday, far away from the bustle or noise. Together, it forms a cultural mix of traditions and colors which make Cala a unique place in Europe, where the coexistence of people from different cultures and backgrounds is possible.

Cala d’Or offers a wide range of services, giving to the visitors and citizens a peaceful and relaxing life with plenty opportunities for leisure. Mallorca is the wildest of the Balearic Islands, one where nature reigns and human activities are integrated almost seamlessly with its  postcard landscapes. These are the best moments while you are traveling. Spending the days with new local friends and laughing, becoming part of your new community and also, it’s about the experiences that you lived there. It’s a different world, full of calas or small beach coves, sunshine and crystal clear turquoise water. A paradise!

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