The park of Mondragó


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The Natural Park of Mondragó is located 5 kilometers from Santanyi and in 1992 it was declared a Natural Park by UNESCO. This place offers varied itineraries that can be ideal to be done with the little ones.

This place is characterized by a varied landscape in which we can enjoy both sea and mountain landscapes. Here we can find white sand coves, pine forest typical of the island, cliffs, and a great diversity of native fauna and flora marked by the proximity of the sweet pond of s’Amarador and the brackish of ses Fonts de n’Alis, turning it in a unique place with which you will spend a Mallorcan adventure unparalleled.

From the Natural Park of Mondragó we offer 4 types of different routes. All of them are designed for audiences of all ages, and without previous experience. Two of them start in the same point and the other two in a different one.

When arriving one finds 2 different parkings. We recommend the beach of “Ses Fonts de n’Alis”, since at that point one of the simplest excursions begins (Route 1) and there is also the information point where we can better inform about the itineraries. The second car park is at Playa de S’Amarador.

The 4 routes are so simple that they are designed to be completed all in the same day, since there is a way to join the two beaches on foot.

Route 1. Viewpoint of ses Fonts de n’Alis

This route starts from the same parking. Looking ahead, if we leave behind the entrance to the parking lot, at the end on the left, the starting point is located.

This is a mini tour through the forest where we can also find a small viewpoint, that of the Ses Fonts de n’Alis pond. This arrives right at the beach where this itinerary ends. It is a short tour so later we can continue with the second excursion.

Route 2. Return to Sa Guàrdia d’en Garrot

It consists of a circular route where you can alternate landscape of mountain and coast. The starting point of the route is just to the left of the beach if we look straight ahead.

Route 3. The tip of ses Gavotes

To find this route you have to go into the forest but bordering the coast, from where you can enjoy beautiful views, from a viewpoint that invites you to take pictures.

Along the way we find a lime kiln around where we will see the transition between the pine landscape and the sea.

However, we recommend choosing Route 4 before going to Route 3.

Route 4. S’Amarador

This route, which begins in the Cala Figuera car park, takes us for a walk among pines, junipers and wild olive trees. We will also find ourselves in the middle of some old construction, but above all we will see the Torrente de S’Amarador and its pond that goes to the beach of S’Amarador. In it we will see more or less water depending on the time of year.

If you want more information to get to the Natural Park of Mondragó get in touch with our staff during your stay at Hotel Palladium Palma. We will be happy to help you.

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