Some reasons to visit Palma, whenever you want


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Have you ever wondered about if it would be worth visiting Palma de Mallorca? Well, here you have some reasons to do so, that we hope will convince you.

  1. Palma’s Clime

Palma isn’t shining only in summer!  Because of its’ localization, Palma has a privileged position that confers it a medium annual temperature of 18 degrees Celsius. It is always in the “nearness” of your position, thanks to its great airway network!

  1. Palma’s heritage: culture and arts

Any visit to the city of Palma should include a tour of its historical buildings and its artistic heritage. Palma has lots of outstanding religious architecture, as well as galleries and museums. Its cultural and artistic content is entitled to be known and will undoubtedly surprise anyone who pictured Palma de Mallorca only with beaches and sun portraits.

  1. Palma – a city that faces the Mediterranean

As worldwide acknowledged, Palma’s beaches made it famous, by converting it into one of the most loved destinations all around the globe. 5 beaches, 8 bathing zones, alongside crystal-clear waters where you can enjoy this experience at its fullest, in order to live unforgettable holidays and make memories. Lots of events organized are conferring Palma a more dynamic side, that no other city has.

There still are many more things to discover about Palma de Mallorca, and the choice belongs to you!

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