The Pollensa Market


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Mallorca is a fabulous destination for a summer vacation, but it is an island that has also much to offer both in autumn and winter. In fact, many people prefer to come out of season, to be able to enjoy the jewels of the island without traffic, without making many queues and without crowds.

However, today we are going to talk about a very popular weekly appointment for both islanders and residents. This is the Pollensa market, which is located every Sunday in the main square of this beautiful town in the north of Mallorca.

This outdoor market offers all kinds of local and artisanal products, along more than 300 stalls full of life and color. In them the visitor can enjoy a pleasant walk among the multitude of options that unfold in front of him. Undoubtedly, a unique place, more than pleasant in order to spend a Sunday morning.

Fruits, handmade oils, sausages from the island, vegetables, olives with all kinds of maceration, various preserves … and of course also local crafts, costume jewelery, footwear, floristry, basketry and many more proposals of artisans and designers who have been offering their creations in this original market for years.

A place worth being discovered

If it happens to pass by, you can enjoy this picturesque town that is full of corners worthy of postcards, like the legendary Calvari, located near the center of Pollensa. A hundred-year-old staircase with 365 steps that is the center of the celebration in religious celebrations with its own pilgrimage.

There is also a Roman bridge and a beautiful church called Mare de déu dels Àngels. Nothing is wasted in this beautiful place located so close to the Serra de Tramuntana.

In order to get to Pollensa from the center of Palma, and to get to know this weekly market, you just have to take the highway to the north, and follow the road that is well signposted, or just follow Google Maps’ lead. Remember that the market is open on Sundays from 8:00 am to 1:30 pm, and that at the Hotel Palladium we are at your disposal for everything you need when it comes to organizing your perfect autumn holidays, and give you the ideal plan for any Sunday morning.

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