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Another amazing concert is bound to start in Palma, in a very beautiful location, in the southern part of the town. Music lovers cannot miss this important opportunity. In detail, we are talking about a free annual open-air choral concert, that has represented a local tradition in Catalonia since 1964.


When it all begun, the main promoter of the event was Sa Nostra bank. What’s even more interesting, is that since 1984, it has kept this project in its Corporate Social Responsibility portfolio.

The event’s promotor was a Catalan painter, named Josep Coll Bardolet. After his death, this project has been maintained and carefully promoted year over year. For being a non-profit event, we strongly recommend you to go there and enjoy, relax, while having fun.


Much more

Musical genres that are included in this concert are of all types: from classical, songs from the cinema world, to gospel and jazz. Therefore, we could say that it’s quite a comprehensive, vast offer.

In a nutshell, if you are around, and want to pass a night of relaxation and good vibes, this could be the place.

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