Hiking – be fit & toned, while getting to know more


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Enough water-related articles for a while. Today we want to keep you on solid ground and telling you about a seven hours guided tour, that presupposes hiking and vineyard tour in, obviously, the astonishing Tramuntana mountains.

Following a mountain path

An amazing three-hour hike discovering the overwhelmingly-beautiful Majorcan countryside and along the cliffs and coastline. How do you find it? From our point of view is a totally refreshing, empowering and cheerful experience. You have the opportunity to do something that will definitely help your body to maintain a proper condition, do some sightseeing and you will certainly discover things that are not so well known, not even for the locals.


If you are a fan of wines, this kind of trip might be the perfect fit. Lasting no more than 3 hours, your trip will begin with the bus that lives you at the beginning of the trail through the Serra de Tramuntana mountains. Don’t be afraid, it’s nothing too difficult! You will totally not be exhausted, but you’ll just be in shape for trying to enjoy a glass of Majorcan typical wine.

Don’t forget that it’s just a stop, so you will come over many more challenges alike. The best part of it is that you will experience a typical Majorcan winery: beginning with grapes & how are they chosen, all the way up to the producing part.


Of course that the whole experience will be guided, and in each and every winery you will find a dedicated oenologist to help you discover the secrets that are behind the uniqueness and originality of Majorcan wine.

Afterwards, you can enjoy wine tasting and a typical Majorcan meal, with bread & tomato and oil, together with some cheese & ham. This way, you’ll have a touch of our local culture and habits.


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