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Have you tried the Trampó Coca?


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Today we put aside the routes and excursions around the island to talk about gastronomy. Mallorca is an island full of options for the most gourmets, for those who truly enjoy gastronomy every time they visit a new place. When it comes to sightseeing in Mallorca, it is important that you also have the typical dishes in mind, with which you can enjoy as a true sybarite.

The islander-style Mediterranean diet

This is an original Mallorcan recipe that is also widespread in the southern part of Catalonia and throughout the Valencian community. During your trip to Mallorca you will find many different versions of coca, with different meats or cold meats, with tuna, with many vegetables and even with cheese.

In particular, the most typical Mallorcan Trampó coca is made with a dough made from flour, egg, water, oil, butter and salt (as for the rest of salted cakes or cakes), while the special mixture or touch of the Trampó is being provided by Italian green peppers, red peppers, tomatoes, onion, paprika, onion, olive oil and salt. You can find this food in bakeries, as a first course in some menus and on occasion or special celebrations, such as snacks, lunches or pecking stuff.

Gastronomic route around the island

If what makes you enjoy is to try for yourself the delicacies that Mallorca offers and its delicious cocas, try to ask for a portion wherever you find it. The recipe will change slightly depending on the town you are visiting. Therefore, you can compare between different flavors and styles.

You can ask our team at the Palladium Palma Hotel for any questions you may have. We hope that your holidays in Palma de Mallorca will be unforgettable and for that, it is important to take good care of the food.

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