Dels Hams Caves


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Maybe when you think about caves and Mallorca, the Caves of Drach immediately pop up, because they are a must, that you will enjoy during your vacations in Palma de Mallorca. If you want to know more, read on.

These colourful and peculiar caves are located in Porto Cristo. They receive that name because they are characterised by the protuberances in the shape of a hook, since in Mallorcan Homs means hook. They were discovered by Don Pedro Caldentey in 1905. Can you imagine looking for stones and find these impressive caves out of the blue? Well, that’s what happened to Pedro Caldentey Santandreu while he was doing a search for onyx stones, a very abundant material in the region. This speleologist discovered in one of its outings these impressive caves that are currently world famous.

And they are the first caves open to the public throughout Spain, something that took place in 1910, which had, curiously, a very advanced electrical installation for its time.

History and surprises in equal parts

We begin the visit by going down to the Cueva Redonda, a huge botanical garden with native fauna. In the Cueva Azul, which is, since 2015, a new attraction, the documentary “Discovering the past” introduces us to the History of Mallorca, to how its first inhabitants were, how these caves were formed, and also how was their extraordinary discovery. In the visit you can admire the new and spectacular LED lighting, the “Columns of Sanson”, the “Plains of Fra Mauro” and the “Pit of Hell”.

In addition, there is a very interesting annex, the Auditorium, where you can enjoy the work GENESIS: The History of Life, a vertiginous audiovisual Time-Lapse, which runs from the Big Bang up to nowadays, in a giant projection on the thousand-year-old rock of the Cave.

After this tour the visit continues to the Classic Cave, which is composed of 12 galleries. In the underground lake Mar de Venecia a Musical Show is offered. It is called “Magic Mozart”, a show that is complemented by another proposal called DigitHams, a virtual experience projected on the walls of the cave based on an adventure by Jules Verne.

To get to this fascinating place, you have to travel to Porto Cristo, which is on the Carretera de Manacor, kilometre 11. Ask for information from our team at the Hotel Palladium Palma. They will be happy to help you.

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