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We continue with articles dedicated to the world of culture and art. And for that, we have chosen a very interesting proposal. Has it ever occurred to you that you can have an exclusive guide that lets you to get to know special and exclusive corners of Palma de Mallorca?

In Ciceró Dart you can design the perfect route for you, taking you through key galleries of the Mallorcan capital’s artistic panorama, or even offer you some special excursions, where you will enjoy an experience which, if you really love art, will be unforgettable.

Your exclusive personal guide

There is no doubt that today Palma de Mallorca is one of the most sought after and desired destinations in Spain, both in full season and (increasingly) outside of it. Here we are lucky to have great wealth in terms of museums and art galleries. That is another of the fundamental interests of Ciceró Dart, from where they offer us a high quality cultural leisure opportunity on the island for both locals and visitors.

Palma has an important number of art galleries of great national and international relevance. In fact, we have one of the Spanish cities with the highest number of art galleries per inhabitant. Our galleries and exhibition centres are known for the category of their exhibitions and for the quality of the artists that are exhibited in them. Artists from both the Balearic tradition and representatives of the latest trends in contemporary international art, present in the most important international art fairs, are part of the cast that integrates the Mallorcan exhibition scene.

We offer the opportunity to meet a selection of the best contemporary art of the moment, while enjoying a guided tour through the most charming streets of the center of Palma. For this, from this original company focused on cultural tourism, we propose different programs of guided artistic itineraries daily.

They can adapt the schedules of visits to the needs and availability of customers, so it is essential to arrange appointments with minimum advance notice. If you need help concerning this point, you can ask our team for advice at the Palladium Palma Hotel.

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