Music fan? Check out Majorca’s concerts!


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When we travel, we don’t have to renounce at what makes us happy. For example, if we like to listen to great music, we most certainly have to keep that in mind when we are looking for a new place to spend our vacations.

Diversity and togetherness

In Palma there are various music concerts that take place, both outdoor and indoor. For example, there is the annual Deià International Music Festival, which offers a serioes of concerts over the summer. British singers, locals, Europeans, Africans, or even more nationalities participate, on the stage, as singers and interprets and in public. Palma is a place where multiculturalism can actually be seen, heard and observed.

As a tip, we can tell you that marvelous concerts take place in the gardens of the Barceló Hotel Formentor! Keep an eye on what’s up next during your staying in this place and you will not be disappointed!

We hope that you have many memorable moments spent here!  

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