Cala Pi Beach


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Looking for a place to relax and to enjoy nature, at its fullest? Want to get to know more about a different Majorca, in which everything’s about quietness and places in which you can chill down? Then, this article is a personal dedication, from us


Cala Pi is a beautiful beach, part of the cove of Llucmajor where sand predominates, although there can also be found stones and rocks. You have to go down a ladder to get to the cove. It is a cove with pine trees and has a small jetty.

A little bit about the name

Its name “Pi” (pine in Spanish) comes from the trees that surround the beautiful cove. Considered by many as the perfect beach, protected for its perfect geographical localization, in between two cliffs, with golden sand and turquoise blue waters. The cove is short, about 50m long, but quite wide (140m). The cliffs on both sides of the beach, make it a safe place, protected from the winds.

Life here

An important detail to be taken into consideration would be that the beach does not have access for disabled people. In high season, the cove has lifeguard service, beach bar and rental of umbrellas and hammocks. No animals are allowed, nor camping. The town of Cala Pi is very touristy, it has several hotels and restaurants. We consider it a base point to know the south coast of the island.

The easiest way to get to Cala Pi is by private vehicle, therefore, you’ll need it not only to get here, but also to help you around. Access by road is simple and the beach has free parking. Concerning this matter, you will have no problems in parking on the streets of the town of Cala Pi. To reach the beach, you must descend by a stone staircase with a considerable slope (147 steps of stair), while enjoying the spectacular views of the beach.

In the end, everything is about experimenting new things and having fun, isn’t it?

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