Ara Malikian in Palma


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We have an extraordinary opportunity to enjoy the music of this Lebanese artist. A violin scholar who would share his love for music on August 14 in Mallorca.

Don’t miss Ara Malikian’s concert during his Royal Garage World Tour next Wednesday, August 14, 2019 at Trui Son Fusteret in Mallorca from 10pm.

 “My relationship with the garages began in 1976, when the war in Lebanon broke out. Throughout the world, the most modern bands rehearsed in garages, took out their sounds and created a style that would change the history of music.  I didn’t want to stay without being part of that movement.”

Why the name of the tour: Royal Garage World Tour?

 I was ten years old and my father used to tell me to convince me:

 -Come son, let’s go down to the garage, we’re going to set up a rock band like the Stones.

My band did not have the same spiel as theirs, I did not rub shoulders with Keith Richards or Mick Jagger and we talked about Rock and avant-garde music, my uncle Nono was waiting for me with a dented trumpet, my neighbor with a bottle of aniseed and my grandmother with a mandolin… Today I still do not see Rock and Roll but I see love and that’s more than enough. Then came other garages: the Germans, the English, the Parisians, the Spanish… It seems that  I’m predestined to them. Fascinating things happen to me in the garages…

 A little more about this artist

His musical and human restlessness have led Ara Malikian to deepen his own Armenian roots and assimilate the music of other cultures of the Middle East (Arabic and Jewish), Central Europe (gypsy and klezmer), Argentina (tango) and Spain (flamenco), all within a very personal language in which the emotional and rhythmic force of these musics go hand in hand with the virtuosity and expressiveness of the great European classical tradition.

Holder of a wide repertoire, which includes almost all the great works written for violin (concerts with orchestras, sonatas and pieces with piano and chamber music) has also premiered works by current composers such as Franco Donatoni, Malcom Lipkin, Lawrence Roman,  Luciano Chailly, Loris Tjeknavorian, Ladislav Kupkovic and Yervand Yernakian. Malikian is also one of the few violinists who performs violin recitals only with programs dedicated to integrals as significant as the 24 Whims of Paganini, the 6 Sonatas of Eugène Ysaÿe and the Sonatas and Partitas de Bach.

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