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We continue reviewing the fairs and festivals in November, all of them with a mainly gastronomic character. And the turn of the mushroom fair in Mancor de Vall has arrived:

Mountain Fair of the “Esclata sang”

This small town of Mancor de la Vall celebrates every year last weekend of November the festival called “Fira de l’esclata-sang i de la Muntanya”. The exhibition, organized by the association Arrels de la Vall and the City Council since 2003, aims to teach and preserve traditional mountain activities related to this municipality, which is located at the foot of the Puig de Massanella, between the districts of Es Raiguer and the Serra de Tramuntana.

Until not so long, agriculture, livestock and hunting, and especially the production of oil and charcoal, were the basis of Mancor de la Vall’s economy. Given its proximity to the city of Inca, this town also offers a long shoemaker tradition that has comed all the way up to these days.

The fair always starts on a Friday afternoon with children activities. Then, begins the “Nit de Foc”, usually by the group of demons of Arrels de la Vall, followed by various musical performances. On Saturday comes the moment of the giants of the town, followed by the start of the craft show.

There are numerous activities, recommended for the whole family, so that this mushroom fair in Mancor de la Vall offers entertainment for all ages. Among them, the activities that we will have are the parade of xeremiers, tamboriners and flabiolers, and also a meeting of glosadores. The last act that can be attended on Saturday is a popular concert, with live music.

A tight schedule

On Sunday, the exhibition and demonstration of traditional arts related to hunting, mountain life, field work, shoe production and Mallorcan embroidery opens. Traditional music and dance are also present. The exhibition area and mushroom tasting is the main attraction of this festival. Doesn’t it look exquisite?

This fair includes the “Jornada gastronòmica de l’esclata-sang”, an initiative promoted by the bars and restaurants of Mancor, which offers very special dishes made with mushrooms. This gastronomic proposal will also give us ideas to be able to cook at home the varied mushrooms, rovellones and more than one “esclata sang” that we can acquire in Mancor de la Vall.

The fair also offers a series of visits to exhibitions in different locations, as well as to the old mills of Ca’s Vallequet, Son Collell and Turixant. In addition, the mushrooms share protagonism with traditional products such as Mallorcan knives, sausages, and all kinds of crafts.

Photo credits: ultimahora.es, mallorcaweb.com 

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